Hi, I’m Nicole! Started as an Animator who wanted to be able to animate with anything, picked up rigging, then followed the passion and became a Indie Game Dev! Just never stop learning and picking up skills along the way so I can make my animations and games of my own. Be it solo or with friends!!


Spoopernatural Bros

a spooky little platformer where you play as ghosthunters Shane or Ryan. Inspired by Watcher series, Ghost Files, I made this game while completing the Indie Game Academy Level 2 Bootcamp.

Available to play in browser on Itch.io

Bright Thoughts

Bright Thoughts was created during the IGA Jelly Game jam with four others! This concept was created in 48 hours, based off the theme Sun Up to Sun Down with a secondary theme of Hint of Magic. This is an interactive narrative that that follows a student who is having a bit of a hectic day. I was in charge of making UI, Art Assets in the Supermarket Point and Click Level and some scripting to make a working UX component.
Available to play in browser on Itch.io

Fig and Broccoli: Raccoon Quest

Fig + Broccoli was created as a group effort for IGA: Level 3 Publish. In this 3D puzzle adventure, a country raccoon named Fig must explore the city and befriend a quirky cast of characters while searching for his partner in chaos, Broccoli. I was in charge of all Art: Character and Env Design, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging and Animating in one and a half month time box as part of the 3 month program. Made in Unity Engine, most of the assets I made in Blender.
Available to play in browser on Itch.io

Rigging Work

MT – Fighter Rig

A personal project that was fully rigged in Maya. Model was created by a friend of mine who was working in Z brush and I created a animation Rig In Maya for eventual use as a third person character in Game Engine.

Midnight Snack – Girl Rig

Rig Created by colleague in the Women In Animation Circle: Surviving and Thriving in Animation. Our Group did a lot of post production work for a short animation featuring this little girl character. Character was fully rigged in Maya.


Program Knowledge

  • Maya
  • Blender
  • Unreal Engine
  • Unity
  • Clip Studio Paint
  • Photoshop
  • After Effects
  • Davinci Resolve
  • Live 2d Cubism


  • Character Rigging
  • Motion Capture Clean-up
  • Motion Graphics & Video Editing
  • Languages: C#, Mel, Python, Blueprint
  • Character Animation
  • Asset Modeling and texturing
  • UI design and implementation
  • Level Design & Game Design
  • Shader/Material Creation in engine.

Contact Me

Currently Available for Freelance and Contract Work or just to chat about animation and games! Shoot me an email at fantastnicole@gmail.com.