Update: Mentorship Ended

My mentorship ended mid August, and that combined with a project that came up with Novaby was pretty slammed. Unfortunately hasn’t really allowed me to work on All in Your Head as much as I would have liked but I hoping that will change soon. Of the Spring 2022 Women in Animation Circles, I was accepted into Surviving and Thriving in Animation. I picked this one because I wanted to

June Update: ND Entertainment and All In Your Head

Hello! It has been a while! I’ve been pretty busy mostly picking up freelance work when I can. I’ve made quite a few rigs the last few months and I’m so happy with how far I’ve come with being able to get these projects and executing them. I will say I’ve done more creature rigs with 4+ legs than I ever thought I would do and I’ve been having fun

Live2D update, Stream Schedule, THINGS TO DO

AHHHHH so many things to do. or to think about. Hello! It’s only been 6 days and I have another crazy update. I recently worked on the emotes for my live 2D model and above is the video for that. Once I finish working out the small things with this I’m going to start streaming regularly. I think I’m going to do Tuesday in the evening. Possibly Sunday as well.

New live2D models!

So I’ve kind of been working on and off on my own projects now, especially after I watched a video and it just kind of inspired me to get started. I think I only need 3 models to do it but I’m about to officially start producing Wrong Stop and I’m excited. Its a story that I’ve had floating around in my head for quite some time, I really wasn’t

Ultimate Anim Challenge 2022 Entry

I can finally share my entry!!! I went back into the file to put some credits, something that I thought I wasn’t supposed to include in my entry the day of. Enjoy!

Post Challenge

So the I can’t actually post my video until the winners announced on March 8th. However I can post my storyboards! I just want to plug the royalty free music by frequently asked music on motion arrays that I found for the video as well because it was what really tied my video together in the end. I finished with a little over 30 minutes to spare. also i cried

Agora 24 Hour Animation Challenge

Really excited to be a part of this! I’m working on getting a stream for this! I got a lot of stuff todo. Just spent the last hour making sure my social media stuff is in order. I made a bunch of icons and banners. I just need to finish my 2d Rig. Im thinking of making a simpler one for the purpose of streaming this weekend. so much to

Freelance and a bit of a personal story

So a friend of mine named Richie Ablaza referred me to someone for rigging services and I’m gonna be honest when he was first texting me I didn’t realize that was happening. However found myself talking to a really cool people and hadn’t heard anything. A month later I guess they really needed someone cause they contacted me to work with them. It was a little bit of a wild

Da Vinci Resolve and TT posts

So I spent a full week crash coursing Resolve because I no longer have access to my former work place’s adobe suite and I heard that resolve was a good alternative. I’ll be including some of the videos I made. I had been using it a sparingly to compile images into videos and decided to finally learn how to work it more effectively. And boy did I learn. I did

New Reel!

Very pleased to be putting this reel together. I have not updated my reel in a very long time and so this was very much needed. If you want to watch, its going to be on the demo reels page! I couldn’t help but smile the entire time I was trying to put it together because I’m just so happy that I got a new batch of animations to show