This is the game I made during the Indie Game Academy Level 2 Bootcamp. For this project we were learning to use Unity and create a game with a timebox of 1 month, and the restriction that it would be a platformer game. During the first week we came up with a concept for a game and week by week discussed different aspects such as scripting, narrative, visual design, audio design, to bring the idea together. My game is based on youtubers Shane and Ryan from Watcher. They have a show called Ghost Files and that was the main inspiration for this game.

I wanted my game to have a pixelated look to it and I ended up picking up Aseprite on Steam. I’m quite familiar with photoshop and clip studio paint so picking up Aseprite wasn’t that hard. I really like some of the tools it has such as jumble and its index color mode. Which allows you to quickly change colors on items already painted in scene.

I also used Aseprite to create animations for my player characters. Creating Idles, Walk Cycles, Jumping and Falling Animation for my two characters. Bat Flying and Idle Animations, and one ghost idle animation that has a variation for the NPC version of the ghost.

As time went on and I added more to the enemy and player character controls I got pretty good at debugging when things went wrong. The final version of the game has four playable levels and are decorated with tile maps I made in aseprite, uses URP 2D lights and the basic particle system.

The final level is my favorite. I really tried to took what I learned throughout the month, especially with shaders, the lights, and the pixel art to make the best looking level I could possibly make. There is also a really cute music track in this level I found online. I’m particularly proud of this one.