The fighter girl is a rig I’ve ben working on on in off for quite some time. My friend (worked together at the Academy of Art but still are friends to this day) modeled this in Zbrush when she was first learning how to use the program. Then handed it off to me to make into an animated rig and I intended to do some personal work with it. I finally finished it in October 2022 and was able to use all of the technical skill I had a gained working with Novaby and other projects.

She has a fully working FK and IK limbs, a FK/IK spine, and full finger set up, and boxing glove set up. She also has some controls for the stray bangs on her face.

Her facial set up are all joint based, lips eyes, nose, eyebrows all have their own controls and there is a main control in the center of the forehead that does controls the pair of eyebrows together.