I am back at work at the school so I’ve been quite busy the last week. However yesterday finally had some time so I wanted to try my hand again at the body specifically. Last time after I finished I immediately used Human IK to quickly rig and apply the test animation footage maya provides so I can have a better idea of how the model will be moving. The results of that are in this tweet below!

It looks okay but the bend in t he lower part of the body sort of looks like how a cat might have a primordial pouch after getting neutered.

obligatory picture of sabo and her pouch
pass 1 wireframe

Yesterday I was onsite at work and was for the most part just dealing with students and teachers as the requests came in and it made for quite a slow day. They updated the machines at the front desk to finally be able to run Maya and other programs so I was able to work while I was up there. I used quad draw to remake the body of the character.

I haven’t tested this one with animation yet but I’m hoping that it will give a better result. Fingers crossed!

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