Spoopernatural Bros & IGA

So back in October I signed up for this program I heard about on twitter called the Indie Game Academy. At the time I was a bit frustrated with my career path which definitely shifted from animator to rigging artist. I felt like I was stagnating and I wanted to learn more. So for the past few months had been attempting to learn more scripting on my own and not really getting anywhere. So when i saw this program pop up I thought why not give it a shot. They had a 20 dollar 2 hour course that talked about learning the basics and getting started in unity engine. So cue me taking that course. Enjoying it then signing up for the Level 1 weekend bootcamp. Completing that and leading me to joining the Level 2 month long bootcamp.

I spent the month learning how to make a platformer from scratch with some help and scripts from IGA but then editing them, shaping them to fit the platformer I wanted to make. Spoopernatural Bros is kind of a Fangame, featuring the likeness of Watcher and Ghost Files Hosts, Shane and Ryan. I designed the characters, tile art, thought up mechanics i wanted to have. CUT back A LOT so I can guarantee that I would finish and and set out to make the most visually pleasing game I could. Also I learned C# better than I had ever done before in school. (C# was something I was meant to learn in my Degree program but it wasn’t something I could actually say I learned. ) I feel more confident in my scripting skills now more than ever and it really was thanks to making this game and the friendly instructors and people from IGA discord. So I am very pleased to announce Spoopernatural Bros.

update: forgot to mention that I had been keeping track of progress on tumblr where my handle is also fantastnicole.

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