Post Challenge

So the I can’t actually post my video until the winners announced on March 8th. However I can post my storyboards! I just want to plug the royalty free music by frequently asked music on motion arrays that I found for the video as well because it was what really tied my video together in the end.

I finished with a little over 30 minutes to spare. also i cried when I finished and then had a day full of tears. when trying to dissect why I got emotional, well I think its just because I liked it so much Had a lot of fun streaming! I wish I was a bit more entertaining but honestly if I had talked more I probably wouldn’t have finished.

Ended up consulting a lot of rigging videos during the challenge because the rig I made was actually the first time I’ve ever tried a quadruped. I had played with some auto rigging legs and seen videos but I had never actually attempted it before! and boy it was challenging. I’ll try again soon! Its just something I want to do.

So I think now I’m just gonna continue work on my vtuber model and I have a few new ideas for 3D animations I want to do.

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