October update!

Hello to anyone who may be reading this! I hope you’ve been well if you have been here before or if this is your first time visiting welcome! September came and went and while my mental health has been a bit rocky, I have mostly been productive in spite of it all!

the company that I do freelance project for has had me do a couple of rigs for this ongoing series of Christmas themed AR lens they’re making. Its a pretty versatile project so far, cute Christmas characters, and animals, kind of has me doing a lot of different things and expanding on how I make these rigs as well.

As for my most recent personal project – I finished the Fighter Girl rig last week I think. my goal is to make a new Rigging Reel that is only personal projects because I dont want to hide anything behind a password. If you go to my rigging page you’ll find the Novaby reel that is hidden behind a password that I created a few months ago but at the time I had some cool dinosaur rigs I could not put on there and it was a bit disheartening because it was some of my best work that I was really proud of.

All in Your Head has been put on hold for now, I just find myself drawn to making more progress towards my rigging work over all. so my next personal project would probably be a vehicle rig, cause I haven’t made one since college, creating a control picker script in maya, a zero offset grouping script that is mostly for me ( to speed up the process I’ve started to follow to make my finger pose set up). Would also like to do some animating because I just want to be in practice. I haven’t made a solid attempt at animating since beginning of the year when I was doing that 24 hour animation challenge.

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