Most the rigs and some animation used in the Novaby Reel is featured here but I will also include rigs not in the reel. I work with Novaby 3D on contract on project by project basis, the process of which includes a discussion of what animation and poses are needed to achieve the desired look for the project and what the timeline of the project is to ensure that the rig is delivered with ample time for testing and any revisions or additions that might be needed. All rigs are joint based based rig built in Maya.

NWES Expo Rig

This octopus was created with the intended purpose to be used in a AR lens in Snapchat, during the NWES expo. Each tentacle has its own set of FK controls but also includes a control that rotates the limbs concurrently with each other. In the lens scene the octopus floats with very minimal movement.


Argosy Cruise Rigs

The Orca Rig was built with the purpose of being used for AR lens for Argosy cruise line. One would be able to point their cameras at the ocean and see the orca’s breach the water. For the most part all the controls on the orca are FK controls with and the tail has a joint set up that allows the tips of the tails to curl further when rotating up and down.

This Octopus was also built for Argosy Cruise line as an AR landmark feature. It would be perched above the entrance to the ship and meant to wave at visitors in the line. All the controls on this rig are FK and was requested to give a blink set up for the eyes.

DSA Stefan Frei Rig

I created a biped rig for a DSA soccer AR lens game. I’ve done a lot of bipeds as personal projects and for practice so I also have a base skeleton saved in my personal drive that I will use as a starting point. This model had it’s start position in an A pose so I change the arms in my base skeleton set up. Then I created FK and IK controls in the arms and legs. There was a need for reverse foot set up in both feet, finger controls with a generic controller made with set driven keys. And finally some facial controls using joints.


WorldTracker Rigs

The team was contracted to take over work from another company that was not going to be able to finish their dinosaurs. I made two of the dinosaurs in this particular project. This model was of the character dinosaur Blue. The tail is set up with FK controls, the legs were set up with IK only but the arms had both FK and IK set up. There were also twist controls in the arms, and some minor controls in the face, and the spine has a ribbon set up.

Jurassic World Dinotracker AR

This is the young Nasuceratops rig, its set up was similar to Blue in the sense that it only has IK Legs and a Ribbon Spine. I chose to have the legs in IK only because for the most part They were going to need to be planted on the ground for all the animation.