New Rigging project!~

So currently working on a rig using a model a friend of mine Nessa made. I used advanced skeleton 5 for the first time and took the time to use its facial rigging set up. I usually make rigs on my own, without scripts but I wanted to try to understand AS5 itself and use this rig to animate this month’s 11 second club contest! Well I didn’t quite finish, life happens. Recently the contract with the school I was working with ended and I’ve been happy about it! I needed a break from that specific type of work and I want to get better job that would make better use of my skills. (If anyone hiring a cg rigger and animator in the Bay Area, please email me; I will try to stifle the urge to type wink wink- oh wait.)

Anyway here are some screenshots since I wont be finished in time to use it in the contest! I’m still working out the weight in the thighs and knees. I’ll probably make some cycle animations or something if not next month’s 11 second club.

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