New Reel!

Very pleased to be putting this reel together. I have not updated my reel in a very long time and so this was very much needed. If you want to watch, its going to be on the demo reels page!

I couldn’t help but smile the entire time I was trying to put it together because I’m just so happy that I got a new batch of animations to show off. I was in a rut for a very long time so I really was pushing myself to finish the exercise ball for the express purpose of putting it on my reel. However the background music is kind of sad piano music and honestly I wanted something more upbeat, but I couldn’t find anything that sounded as good together as the piano music did. For me thats kind of hilarious, because c’est la vie.

While my main goal is to find some animation or rigging work (yes, I am open to work), I am going to continue to draw and update my instagram with my illustrations and character designs. I’ve also been writing something that I’ve been calling practice makes. I hope to release it as a comic eventually and it might be soon! It really depends because I’ve been motivated recently. I do have the rig and scene already set up for my next animation, inspired by my cat, Sabo.

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