New live2D models!

So I’ve kind of been working on and off on my own projects now, especially after I watched a video and it just kind of inspired me to get started. I think I only need 3 models to do it but I’m about to officially start producing Wrong Stop and I’m excited. Its a story that I’ve had floating around in my head for quite some time, I really wasn’t sure if I ever was going to decide how I want to see it. However my recent strides in cultivating some sort of style in the way I draw has given me enough confidence to go for it. Going to model and rig everything in Live2D and animate!!

Main character is Eileen, she is a twenty something suffering from depression (not that she knows she falls under that medical term), the short of it is that she gets isekai’d . The long of it is that friendship is magic and other dimensions that have witches and fairies and magic laws, and will she ever get back. Does she want to? That last question has an answer that even I’m not sure of. I think the fun of most isekai is that most protags make the decision to stay in their new world (either they cant go back or they decide they dont want to) However after reading many many different isekai that center around women (some who also have trauma) the thing to do is to move forward, and I like that in a story as someone who’s always had to do that. Pink Haired women with antlers is Deer (yeah I guess my creativity ran out but I’m very fond of the name now). She is a magical girl to say the very least. Stay tuned.

also recently discussed a concept for a TT short with my friend Devin involving Slimes and kind of an homage to an assignment we did when were first learning how to animate traditionally! He is a Narrative Designer and we have worked on a few things together. So will be working on a 2D rig for that. Getting that started this evening actually!

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