Mascot Design and Model

I haven’t made a post in a while so here I am with an update. I’ve been working with a friend of mine, Devin, creating a model (and eventually rig) for his character VooVoo that he made back when we were in city college together. Voovoo is a mascot of sorts for his aspiring visual production company.

Initially I worked with another friend of mine, Kevin to create this version of him.

When I initially set out to started creating a 3D Version of the character one of the notes that Devin asked for was if he could have more of a hand. And I wanted to change the body shape a bit more to make it make sense as well, from the photo above I can’t really see or tell how his legs are attached to his body. also thinking about how I like to rig characters wanted to create something that would make sense. Voovoo is like definitely like a voodoo doll but also a little like 9 from the movie Nine.

Pure Ref board
I drew front, side, and a top and bottom view to use in a image plane in maya

So I blocked him out in Maya, just adjusting the primitives to create a general shape and now I’m working on using quad draw to take those shapes I’ve created and making them into a mesh I can use. Giving myself a soft deadline to have the body at least (without details) finished by friday. fingers crossed! I’d really like to get him moving soon.

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