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vtube studio emote test! lmao also caramelldansen making me laugh and also feel old. #vtubestudio #vtubertest #emotetesting

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AHHHHH so many things to do. or to think about. Hello! It’s only been 6 days and I have another crazy update. I recently worked on the emotes for my live 2D model and above is the video for that. Once I finish working out the small things with this I’m going to start streaming regularly. I think I’m going to do Tuesday in the evening. Possibly Sunday as well. We’ll see! I’ll definitely make a post about it soon and reveal the buttons I made for the twitch channel.

So I work freelance projects for a company called Novaby, my job consisting primarily of rigging and animation. I created a octopus rig a while back for a snapchat lens they were making for an expo and animated for that. I recently was asked to create a few more animations and possibly more rigs for two upcoming projects and I need income so I said yes of course. Then last week Friday I received an email which said I was selected for the Women In Animation Mentorship Circle that I applied for, Surviving and Thriving in Animation. Which absolutely floored me. Recently my partner and I have been traveling to his mom’s family business and helping out, so I was in the middle of that when I found out. I just started crying I’m so excited, I can’t believe it a little but I mean the next day I checked and the email was still in my inbox so yeah.

And so I finished the slime rig and gave a demo for my friend. I know how long it took me as well because I recorded the entire rigging process! 4 and a half hours! my plan was to edit it and release the video for anyone who maybe wants to follow along. Its just a process video.

So my recent tasks/goals are as followed

one! create animation for the slime character. also draw scene.

Two: make a new Orca rig for Novaby for another filter they’ve been commissioned. I’m gonna record this one two to see how fast I can do it now! Maybe next will try to find a way to automate. Especially if there are going to be more fish/creatures in the future.

Three: edit and release more videos for tiktok and instagram.

In addition to that I have been discussing with my friend Devin a concept for this game jam that is happening in May. Well we just discussed it today but our meeting kind of just taking off and we talked about it for an hour and a half. I’m pretty excited about it. As far as what we think we can achieve we with me and him and possibly someone else if we can get someone to help us and what we want to go for is this style of game.

Also my boyfriend and I are trying to move into a new place. So hopefully we hear back soon from the place I inquired about.

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