Happy New Year!

Happy New Years to anyone who finds this post! I hope you had a great one.

So the last thing I’ve been working on was a pantomine animation based on this funny tiktok posting both below. I’m not quite done with it but here’s what I’ve had so far.


I’ve also been playing with this website that lets you create animated pixel gifs which is really cool and I’ve had a lot of fun with. Which I’ll be replacing icon on the website with this one. These faces are the main cast of a story i’ve been writing in my spare time. Hopefully I’ll get to telling it soon. 😀

Finally goal is to update the website by next week to better showcase all of the skills I have. Character Design section, Animation in 2D and 3D sections, Rigging Section. And perhaps a contact/pricing section since I will be looking into doing more freelance work.

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