Freelance and a bit of a personal story

So a friend of mine named Richie Ablaza referred me to someone for rigging services and I’m gonna be honest when he was first texting me I didn’t realize that was happening. However found myself talking to a really cool people and hadn’t heard anything. A month later I guess they really needed someone cause they contacted me to work with them. It was a little bit of a wild and quick paced thing but I finished the work yesterday and sent it out today! I feel really proud because I know it was the more than a year of practicing that allowed me to do it so quickly. It’ll also be the first time that I’ll get paid for animating, not just something I’m animating for work, paid for the act and process of animation. And its just a floatly and cheeky octopus idle cycle, I dont know if I can share it to my website, but typing that last sentence actually brought a tear (or more xD) to my eyes. And i’ve been calling myself an animator but now I definitely feel like I am.

I am probably just emotional because I know I have ADHD which went undiagnosed for most of my life and was probably one of the many causes of my original run at college to end in dropping out. But ten years ago I didn’t want to continue living but I did and I’m now an animator. Nicole of the past would cry and probably start running.

For now the job search continues, I think I’m going to start streaming while I work on personal stuff, and I learned how to make a vTuber model in the last week as well. excited and hopeful for the future.

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