Da Vinci Resolve and TT posts

So I spent a full week crash coursing Resolve because I no longer have access to my former work place’s adobe suite and I heard that resolve was a good alternative. I’ll be including some of the videos I made.


I’m really excited to play the rest of the game it’s just that this was really funny to me last night hahah. #pokemon #fananimation #pokemonarceus

♬ Comfort Chain – Instupendo
First Animation using the keyframes

I had been using it a sparingly to compile images into videos and decided to finally learn how to work it more effectively. And boy did I learn. I did hear people compare it to an after effects premiere pro combination, but with the UI tutorials I’ve been following it can do much more than that.


I had a telemarketer bot ask me how I am yesterday with a voice that was almost human enough to fool me. #fyp#animation

♬ Tea Errors – Jack Stauber’s Micropop
When I learned drawing individual png panels will help me make things move rudimentarily

Ive been posting the results to instagram and tiktok just to see how the quality look and I love it. A lot of artist on reels and tiktoks sometimes ends up just recording the screen on their phones which lower the quality. Which is why I thought it would be a good idea to properly learn resolve so I can post videos and also help me the next time I’m making a reel!


ahh this is also the drawing I made for a Valentine’s day themed weekly drawing challenge. drawing took me 5 hours but movement took me a few days 🤷

Using Nodes in Fusion for the first time

Over all I think resolve is awesome and I’m so happy I found a way to use it more efficiently and I hope I can keep learning more things. Next thing is going to try to see if my Udemy courses for after effects motion graphics translates over. Anyway Here are some of the tiktoks I made.

Successfully using timelines to make specific animations affect many pieces and more fusion practice

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