Animated Shorts

This short was created as part of a previz assignment for a Motion Capture class at CSU Chico. A lone survivor seeks shelter in an abandoned church but finds that she is not alone. I edited the sounds in this short and added the blood in after effects as well as cleaning up some of the data. It was group effort and a lot of fun to make.
Another Holiday Season follows a discarded bear who journeys to find a new home. I led the team for this short in a upper division production class at CSU Chico. The short won 2nd Place at the Excellence in Computer Graphics Awards for the 2019 school year. Shots I animated are the ones that take place in the dumpster at the beginning.
Tied to You is a short about a cat who makes one last friend before finally moving on. I animated the cat in the first few shots in a production class at CSU Chico

Inspired by and Animated to the song “The Future Freaks Me Out” by Motion City Soundtrack. Betty finds herself fighting a radioactive giant monster in her the streets of her city. This project is discontinued, I animated it as a gift to the band during their farewell tour.

Jefe is a Shaved Guinea Pig who is also a nervous DJ. I made this for a class and it was one of the first shorts I made with Adobe Animate.